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Heart 'n Swirl Divider 3 - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

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So, Inazuma Outer Code and Ares really has me thinking in terms as of later. Now, to say that how the different reality Ares has basically created. According to Ares, it is supposedly a 'nicer and kinder' world, but to me, not everything is all right, even in the brightest of things, there are some shadowy influences lurking in the midst of things that wants to cause chaos.

Several factors about Ares:
- Basically those who are dead in the original timeline are ALIVE (much like future Kinako, Atasuya and others.)
- Tenma is still alive (NOT DEAD, just injured) and could be on recovery. (Seriously, what are people's problems with assuming that Tenma would be dead? I mean, he could be but I'd say that he's been injured and he's making a recovery.)
- The original Inazuma team has some of its members around with different lives, same personalities. (The Fubuki twins, for example are seen in a team and it's been solidified due to Outer Code confirming it.)
- The kids of Sun Garden are in fact much happier children (mostly due to no suspicious Aliea meteorite business and such.)
- There is a chance that people like Hiroto and Midorikawa appear in the series, same personalities but with different lives.
- Haizaki’s team’s sponsor is a pharmaceutical company. Apparently the sponsor system is an important plot point (?).
- The coach of Haizaki’s team is Kudou.
- Yuuma’s eyes don't have that white light thing is intentional and it may relevant to the plot.

Outer Code Reveals:
- Kazemaru is back and is serving under Reiji under Reinforcement Committee. (Confirmed; as of Story 3)
- Someoka aligned with Haruken which Shirou is the Coach of. (Confirmed; as of Story 1)
- Reiji is the new coach of Tekikoku Academy and supposedly got involved with the Ares Rebirth Program for his early release. (WHOA, WHOA, WHOA. Does that raise a red flag there? Anyone?) (Confirmed; as of Story 3)
- There's Seishou Academy and Kidou's coach there. (Assumed)

Makes you wonder on how the future of this timeline would be? Yes, I know that I'm stepping into original timeline Inazuma 3/GO territory but think about it for a moment.
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You know, trying to fit in with a group was harder for me to bear because if I know that if I have to lower my standards, there's a problem.


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